Our Fabrics

Our unique production process involves not only cut and sew but also the manufacturing of textile yarn, meaning that our suppliers are knitting or weaving our fabrics to our standards and not buying off the market or using bulk stock.


Although this lengthens our production timeline, it is essential to ensure consistent high quality fabrics that are built to last.

Cotton Jerseys (Click to Expand)

combed cotton fabric swatch

Combed Cotton

Our bread and butter. Our combed cotton is made from long fibres with a fine weave making it ideal for printing. We produce this is in various weights: 120 – 220 GSM. Used for the majority of our T-Shirt styles including Classic, Maple & Staple Tee ranges.

organic combed cotton fabric swatch

Organic Combed Cotton

Our organic range of garments is made from this eco-friendly fabric. Quality cotton grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

carded cotton fabric swatch

Carded Cotton

Carded cotton has not had it’s stray fibres shaved off. The length of the cotton staples used determines how many breaks in the yarn, therefore how rough the final fabric will feel. The result is not as soft as our combed cotton but is durable and more cost effective.

cotton & polyester blend fabric swatch

Cotton / Poly Blend

These blends are used to achieve ‘marled’ colours, Hi-visability colours and performance inhance a standard cotton jersey.  

recycled cotton & recycled polyester jersey fabric swatch

Re-Cotton / Re-Poly Jersey

Our new blended jersey uses recycled cotton & recycled polyester. The polyester helps make the fabric durable as recycled cotton is a weaker fibre.

polyester jersey fabric swatch

Polyester Jersey

Our 100% recycled polyester jersey is used for more performance based versions of our key fits. The Polyester is naturally more moisture wicking and quick drying than cotton or cotton blends.


cotton french terry fabric swatch

Cotton French Terry

A premium quality fabric, heavy weight and 100% cotton meaning they are warm but breathable. The medium sized loop back gives a softness to an otherwise heavy fabric.

organic cotton fleece fabric swatch

Organic Cotton Fleece

We have chosen not to blend this fleece with any synthetic fibres. Instead using 100% organic cotton which is grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

cotton & polyester fleece fabric swatch

Cotton / Poly Fleece

We use an anti-pill, cotton-rich & polyester blend for majority of our sweatshirts. The poly blend adds strength and stretch to the garment.


cotton oxford fabric swatch

Cotton Oxford

Our most popular shirt is our Oxford. Cotton oxford is pure cotton in a tight gauge basket weave making it super durable.

cotton canvas fabric swatch

Cotton Canvas

Premium 100% cotton, heavy weight canvas with a durable, plain weave.

flannel fabric swatch


Flannel shirting fabric is made from a twill weave fabric, which is then roughened so that it feels soft and more winter suitable.

cotton drill fabric swatch

Cotton Drill

We use cotton with a tonal twill weave in our heavier outerwear products. To allow for a slight stretch in our pants we add a small amount of elastane to this fabric for comfort.

duck canvas fabric swatch

Duck Canvas

This is a heavier and tighter plain weave canvas. The tight weave creates a natural water resistance and high durability.

Image showing bucket hat and fabric in lime


Our corduroy is cotton based and made by weaving extra fibre into the base fabric to form vertical ridges. Velvet like lines can be seen when the ridges are cut into exposed piles.

denim fabric swatch


Demin is a strong cotton fabric made in a twill weave. The warp-face giving the colour and the weft under weave in a white colour.

Recycled Synthetics

polyester rip-stop fabric swatch

Polyester Rip-Stop

Our rip-stop is made from 100% recycled polyester. It’s an easy-to-wear light weight and water resistant fabric.

nylon crepe fabric swatch

Nylon Crepe

100% recycled nylon is quick drying and ultra lightweight.

recycled polyester fabric swatch

Recycled Polyester

100% recycled polyester is used in varying weights or weaves to create naturally water resistant durable fabrics, perfect for outerwear or bags.


organic ribbed knit fabric swatch

Organic Ribbed Knit

Ribbed fabric is created by intermeshing loops of yarns using knitting needles to creating raised vertical lines. The rib effect gives the fabric natural extra stretch.

cotton pique fabric swatch

Cotton Pique

100% cotton pique is a durable waffle like knit. The weave creates a feeling of breathability due to less fabric being in contact with the skin.

terry towelling fabric swatch

Terry Towelling

100% cotton terry is a towelling style loop pile fabric which is highly absorbent.