Wholesale FAQs

Wholesale account info

Who can get a wholesale account?

Wholesale pricing is available to specific businesses.
To qualify for wholesale pricing, you must be in one of the industries listed below:


– Printer

– Embroiderer

– Merchandise

– Uniform

– Promotional


How do I setup a wholesale account?

  1. 1. Click 'CREATE AN ACCOUNT' in top right hand corner.
  2. 2. Complete the application form
  3. 3. A login for our website will be created automatically (with default, retail pricing) – An account manager will review your pricing eligibility and be touch within 24 hours

Is there a regular spend needed to qualify and retain a wholesale account?

The required spend to retain a wholesale account is $250 USD per month. Account pricing is re-evaluated at the start of each financial year.

How do I apply for credit terms?

A 3-month consecutive spend of $3,000.00 on cash on delivery terms (COD) is required to apply for a credit account.


Contact for a credit application once you have met this requirement.

Wholesale account rules.

Account Sharing - Approved wholesale accounts will be provided with their login to access specific AS Colour pricing. This login is solely for the use of your company, anyone found to be sharing this login will have their pricing removed.

Reselling AS Colour - Please note wholesale pricing is for the resale of decorated garments only. Any customers found to be reselling blank AS Colour products will have their pricing removed. This includes online marketplaces such as AMAZON, EBAY etc


Do you do bulk pricing for larger orders? (retail customer).

Each product page has bulk pricing rates listed.


These bulks rates apply to a single style and can be split over multiple sizes and colours.


If you are looking to have product branded we recommend speaking to your local printer/embroider, merchandise, uniform or promotional supplier to arrange fulfilment and decoration.


If you need a recommendation, you can find a company to assist on our Printers / Embroiders page.


What if I don't qualify for wholesale pricing?

Depending on your intention with the garments, you have two options:


  1. 1. For garments intended for remain blank, you can order using the bulk rates on each product page.
  2. 2. For garments intended to be decorated, talk to your local decorator or touch base with our Recommended Printers / Embroiders page and they can take care of the fulfilment and decoration. Typically, this a more cost-effective solution for MOST customers.

How do I qualify for the next pricing tier?

Wholesale customer pricing is based on spend per New Zealand Financial Year (1st April – 31st March)


You will be contacted and your pricing will be adjusted as you qualify for the next price tier.


To find out your status and required spend to reach the next tier please contact our customer support team on

Is there better pricing than what I can see on the website?

Yes, for companies that are eligible for wholesale pricing.


To qualify for wholesale pricing, you must be in one of the industries listed below:


– Printer

– Embroiderer

– Merchandise

– Uniform

– Promotional


How can I find stock levels/inventory and how are these reported?

Stock levels/inventory displayed online are live.

You can view levels on our bulk order grid which is displayed at the bottom of each product page. This is available on desktops only.

If the inventory is reported as 100+, 500+, 1000+ etc, how will I know if there is enough inventory for my order?

You will receive a 'QTY. EXCEEDED' message if the stock required is unavailable.

For large orders and stock checks exceeding the max displayed, please contact

Is inventory held for me as soon as I place an order in my cart?

No, stock is not held/secured until your order has been submitted.

If the order is not paid for at checkout, your stock hold and order will be removed from the system after 7 business days.

Placing orders

What's the cut off time for next day delivery?

Paid or credit approved received by 2:00 pm local time where order is being shipped from, will be processed the same day


Please note, this is not guaranteed.

Do we have a minimum order requirement?

No, at AS Colour we have no minimums!

Can we have free samples?

Samples are to be purchased like normal orders.


You can return the samples if unworn and in resalable condition. Please see our Returns page.

Can we pre-order from the 'coming soon' section?

No, however, you can register to be notified by e-mail when the stock arrives.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Due to the quick processing of our orders, there is a small window to cancel or change orders.


Please call us on (213) 213-5531 if you need to cancel or make an adjustment.


If we are unable to cancel the order in time it can be returned, please see our Returns page.


If the adjustments to your order are unable to be made, you can return the unwanted products and you will need to place a second order with an additional deliver charge for the extra garments.

Can I save orders?

No, orders cannot be saved.

What is your return policy for wholesale orders?

All returns information can be found on Returns page


How do I track my order?

Tracking links are e-mailed with your invoice once dispatched.


Alternatively, you can find your tracking link on our website:

  1. 1. Click ACCOUNT top right hand corner of our website.
    2. Click MY ORDERS
    3. Tracking link will be available next to your order number.


LTL: Please reach out to for LTL tracking.

Can I combine shipping costs from multiple orders?

Unfortunately, we are unable to combine multiple orders to be sent as one order. All orders that are placed through the website will go out with individual tracking links.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we have warehouses and stock available in the countries listed below:


Australia –

United Kingdom – (Also services most of Europe)

United States of America – (Also services Canada)


For deliveries outside these regions we can fulfil most Asia Pacific countries from our NZ warehouse –

Can I pick up wholesale orders from your Showroom?

If your business is located within a 50-mile radius of our warehouses in either Carson or Charlotte, you can select "Warehouse Pick-Up Hours: Mon - Fri 7:30 - 3:00 PM" at order checkout under the "SHIPPING OPTIONS" section. The freight charges will be waived and you can come to our warehouse to pick up your order.

Please contact us before arriving for pick up to inquire if your order is ready.

General questions

Where are your products made?

We manufacture our products in Bangladesh and China.

The majority of our cotton products (t-shirts, singlets etc) are made in Bangladesh. The majority of our fleece and acccessories are manufactured in China.

What are the guidelines for getting on the printer's page?

To be featured on the AS Colour printers page there is a minimum spend per financial year requirement:

Metropolitan - $200K +
Rural - $150K +


Can I have a quote for t-shirts and printing?

While we supply the garments for branding, we are unable to supply you any printing costs. The best suggestion would be to reach out to your local decorator or make contact with one of our Recomended Printers & Embroideries page.

Do you offer printing / relabelling?

We do not offer a relabelling/printing service, please visit our Printers Page for a directory of Printers/Decorators who can assist with relabelling and use our garments.


Do you have any retail stores?

Although we have Retail Stores in other international regions, we don't currently have any in the US.
We do however have a Showroom at our HQ in Carson, CA. For Wholesale accounts, by appointment only.